Participant Centred Learning in Management Education (ParCeL) is a Research Group which was first established as a network of researchers and mentors, early career researchers and commercial practitioners in 2016.

The research group is based at the University of Worcester and includes research partners from both the UK and Turkey. Our vision is to promote participant centred learning in management education through impactful collaborative research.

ParCeL focusses on how we understand and deliver impactful teaching and learning in management education and how new signature pedagogies are emerging to re-imagine learner development in new management contexts, including professional education.

The main area of focus for this group examines complex pedagogical questions involving learning, approaches to management education and the learner experience. For example, recent projects include adapting the role and function of case studies in entrepreneurship education, an evaluation of placement provision and its contribution to learning and development, RoI in exec education, and evaluating the flexible learning benefits of hybrid and other agile pedagogies to support working and learning.