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Developing Live Case Studies in Entrepreneurship Education

The ParCeL project successfully received funding from the British Council‘s Connect4Innovation fund to develop a two year programme (2021-2023) between UW and METU, working with entrepreneurs and business leaders to develop case studies to showcase entrepreneurial practice. Copies of these cases will be added to the Case Centre’s global case collection. A UK case writing symposium took place at University of Worcester in April 2022, followed a month later by a similar event at METU. In Spring 2023, case writing teams were formed to construct cases and teaching notes for future class-based teaching.

The launch of a new textbook – The Case Study Companion

The Case Study Companion was published by Routledge in 2021. This book is developed for educators to use as a tool to prepare for using case studies in the classroom and include sections devoted to using cases for online learning, using cases for assessment, and writing case studies for future classroom teaching. A sister book for students is due for publication in Sept 2023.

Turkey runs a case development event with local Entrepreneurs

A UW/METU event took place in METU on 17-19 June 2019, which invited training on case writing to more than 40 participant educators from Universities across Turkey. This was followed with a day of presentations by local entrepreneurs with the aim to develop new case studies to inform future entrepreneurship education programmes. The project was made possible by funding from Tubitak.

History of workshops on Case Teaching and Case Writing in Turkey

Some members of the ParCeL team have previously held close links with the Case-study Alliance Turkey (CAT) Project, which was an Erasmus+ initiative involving BAS Koene and Tao Yue (from RSM Rotterdam, NL), Scott Andrews (from University of Worcester, UK), Deniz Tuncalp (from ITU, TR) and Nazli Wasti (from METU, TR). This project offers regular case teaching and case writing workshops. See the following link for further details:

‘Teaching with Case Studies in Turkey’ textbook available in English and Turkish for free download

The UK/TR CAT Project has a range of case Study e-resources which are available for download from the website. This includes a publication of a Case Teaching Guidelines Book. More details of these resources can be found at

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